Thursday, April 16, 2009

Surgery Postponed

I met with my surgeon this week and he had me down for surgery at 3pm on the 23rd.

I didn't want to be fasting all day going into this surgery so we changed the date to the 30th instead. It gives me one more week to recover from the last chemo anyway and more time to take the Chinese herbs that keep my immune count up.

The surgeon says that this surgery has very little blood loss which made me feel better. Just postponing it one more week has been such a relief. It's given me a chance to just be happy chemo is all over with before going into the next thing. I'm still tired from the last chemo and need an extra week to feel normal.

I've got lots of TV shows tivo'd and I plan to really rest as much as I can. Doris recommended resting up instead of what I was thinking of doing - organizing and cleaning up. If I feel energetic I will do some of that, but I just don't feel energetic right now.

I even skipped the Moschiach's meal at Bailly's. But I had a nice lunch there yesterday all by myself along with Stefanie. I enjoyed talking with the rabbi and eating Bailly's yummy, pure Pesach food. Bailly's parents were there too, from Crown Heights and it was nice to see them. Her father reminded us that matzo is the bread of faith.

My sister-in-law Wendi sent me a link with 3 videos by a woman who's an incredible inspiration. She's awesome and so cute in her journey with "canser". She's been on interview shows and written books and has a DVD - all of which I'd love to get for myself. Do check her out. If you like what I've been writing, you will flip over her. Watching her videos reminded me of what the rabbi told me about Esther and how Mordechai told her that the Jews were going to be saved on Purim by someone whether she decides to step up to the plate or not.

He reminded me of that yesterday and said he was thinking of me when he spoke about it on Purim. I thought of the time I was asked to be PTA president for Westlake. At first I said, "NO". And after I went home and thought about it, I realized someone would be PTA president and I began to understand what was being placed in front of me. Not only did I fathom how it would help many of the transfers from Natural Bridges for ME to do it but how much it would uplift me to offer myself to that role. A job is placed in front of us and we get to either take it on with the best we have to give or we don't.

I'm glad I get another 2 weeks before I take on my next assignment.

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