Thursday, May 7, 2009

Path Report

Well, I had myself a good cry yesterday due to the pathology report coming back with finding cancer in 4 out of 7 lymph nodes. The good news is that the oncologist wasn't surprised and told me I didn't need to have more chemo. The other good news is that there was no cancer on the right side and they removed the original tumor on the left side when they removed the breast. It had shrunk from 6 cm (measured by MRI) to 2 cm.

Next week I get to see the oncologist and the radiation oncologist. Radiation will begin as soon as I'm healed from the surgery - which she originally told me would take about a month. Then that's 6 weeks of radiation but I hear it's a breeze. After that, G-d Willing, it's Hawaii. Then it's a CT scan that will determine if it spread beyond the lymph nodes (the CT scan before all the treatment showed that it hadn't spread). And then I have 10 years on Tamoxifen which blocks the estrogen that this type of canser tends to like.

Luckily I had just received a DVD from Netflix yesterday that kept me smiling the entire time I watched it. I knew that I had ordered it for this week for a good reason but didn't know it'd be there that very day! It was a documentary on the Monkees.

How many of you liked the Monkees when you were little? I must have been around 8 - 10 or so when all the girls on my block had all the Monkees albums and cut out the photos of our favs from the magazines to tape all over our bedroom walls. We always had to be wearing yellow when we played that one song that said, "...a girl in yellow dress..."

Anyways, my good friend Bob Hall made me some CDs of old live Monkees concerts and so I just had to get the DVD. I remember also liking Bobby Sherman. Then I remember feeling embarrassed to like the Monkees and Bobby Sherman - so I never told anyone!!! I kept it a secret. After watching the DVD I realized how sad it was that the Monkees had to end feeling ashamed of themselves after only 2 years of what I thought was really good music and a funny show. But the world was moving in more serious directions and the teeny boppers were seen as...well, just stupid.

One thing I found fascinating & hilarious, (and then I'll stop it already), was that for some time, when the Monkees performed, Jimi Hendrix was their opening act! Whenever he sang the word, "Foxy", everyone would scream, "Davey!" One time after he was done with his performance, he threw his guitar at the audience. (According to Mike Nesmith and Davey Jones.)

So, some tears and some laughs...the Monkees were fun and funny and Jimmy Hendrix was very cool and groovy and deadly serious and died an early death that was very sad...happy times, sad times, I guess that's just life.

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