Monday, November 24, 2008

Got My Hair Cut

I had brushed through my hair before coming home and so much of it came out it was really just another devastating thing to have to deal with. The next day it was completely matted, like I had never brushed it at all. I was not sure if I had the energy to deal with my hair today but I did and am so glad. Geoff took me over to Supercuts this morning and they give a free cut to chemo patients! So now I have a really cute bob and it uplifted my spirits tremendously. I didn't want to have to deal with head coverings and such yet. So I'm very happy. (I just couldn't shave it all off yet, with all I've been through and I thought that this way, the kids would ease into my having no hair very soon.)

And I get to go to the acupuncturist today and asked my friend Rosey to drive me there and back. I just feel too weak to drive myself. So I'm feeling really taken care of today and so happy to be out of that hospital.

Can't wait to write you all about my hospital stay because it was a real challenge but a great learning experience as well.

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