Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jewish Inspiration & Law & Order

Every once in awhile I go to and click on the multimedia offers. I like to listen to audio classes while playing Hoyle solitaire card games. Most of the time, I just search for topics of interest to me: prayer, sin, satan, why bad things happen, positive thoughts, reincarnation, angels, etc., etc. Other times, I just look up Manis Friedman and listen to whatever he has there of interest to me.

Today I went on there and listened to a wonderfully inspiring talk that I wanted to give you the link to - if you are so inspired. It's titled, "Life's Four Questions - The Questions G-d will ask You," by Dov Greenberg. He starts out with the premise that Jews are not concerned with how to get to Heaven, but with how to bring Heaven down to earth. The four questions help to clarify how to do that with your life.

BTW, most of the time I spend my recovery watching TV, so don't think I'm a saint. Every once in a while I read or listen to these audios. But I'm also enjoying just watching TV and vegging. Lately I've added old reruns of Law and Order to my Food Network viewing and have figured out how to use Geoff's Tivo so I can skip through all the commercials. I think Law and Order is appealing to me right now because the bad guy gets put away nearly every time. It gives me a sense of order and the feeling that things happen for the best in life. It may also be validating for me the feeling I've experienced in this cancer battle: that people die all the time from situations beyond their control.

My sister-in-law, Wendi, also gave me a list of fun movies that I've been ordering through Netflix. Yes, I'm making the most of this down-time!

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