Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Saga Continues

had a breast MRI yesterday.
They saw something in the right breast that didn't show up on the mammogram - which isn't unusual, the MRI makes everything look bigger.
A "nodule".
"Doesn't look like a cyst but could be a benign fibroid".
No way to tell if it's the you know what (I'm not using the word anymore)
unless they biopsy it.
But it's too small to biopsy with the ultrasound.
So I get to go back to the MRI and have it biopsied with that.
Fun. MRI is like a Disneyland ride but it's very noisy and it sometimes sounds like drums beating out a pleasant rhythm unless it's goes erratic and then it's hard to not be startled.
My life is definitely not boring right now.
Anyway, I guess they want to find out what this nodule is and somehow that'll effect my treatment.
I'm not sure how yet. It may delay the chemo is what I'm thinking since it takes a few days to get the results of a biopsy...Will they want to do a lumpectomy of that breast first before chemo? I do have questions going around in my mind that won't get answered tonight.
It's possible that Friday will be the MRI biopsy party.
On a positive note, I went to WomenCare today - they have a drop in support group for women with this type of diagnosis in different states of treatment (and in different places in the body and in different stages). The group is led by two therapists. And it's F.REE! It was nice to connect with others who are also dancing with a diagnosis and I enjoyed getting a chance to talk about my feelings with people who understand.