Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chemo Today

Sorry I've been absent. I'm back on those yucky antibiotics that cause nausea...the anti-nausea meds make me sleep...some days have been better than others and that makes me wonder if the food I eat causes the nausea. I went to see a dietitian yesterday and she just mostly confirmed that I am doing what I need to do to eat well. I keep reminding myself that these antibiotics are healing my gut so that makes it easier.

Today from 2 - 4pm I go to chemo again. I'm worried, but hopeful. One of the hopeful things is that I'm going on a very expensive, new nausea med called, Emend. I've also been reassured by my oncologist and the chemo nurse that this chemo session will be different from the last. They are taking out one of the chemo drugs I had last time. I will also get my blood checked regularly to catch the immune drop earlier. I am also reassuring myself that I'm already on antibiotics so maybe I won't get any bacteria infection! Unfortunately, Jason has a cold. (He always gets them when he goes through finals.) So wish me luck I don't catch it and no one else in the family does either!

The chemo room at this new office looks like a spa. They call it an "infusion room"! They have dvd players and these huge comfortable chairs and even private rooms. So it helps me to visualize a positive experience. And I'll only be there 2 hours this time instead of 4 like last time.

Geoff's going to go to the doc's appointment with me first and stay to be with me while I get hooked up and then leave to pick me up when I'm done. I don't need anyone to be with me the entire time, but if you happen to be in the neighborhood at that time, feel free to visit.

So I will try to write you all tonight or tomorrow to let you know I'm Ok. I even told my clients I'd call them if I was feeling alright and set up sessions this Sunday since the holidays are coming and otherwise it'd be awhile before I'd see them. So, I'm assuming I will sail through this one...or at least do better than last time! Think positive thoughts about me!

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