Friday, November 7, 2008

We're On Again!!!

My surgeon called me this morning to tell me that we could do both surgeries today. So here we go again.

This is why it's good:
I had a great sleep last night thinking I wasn't going in for surgery the next morning.
I had a wonderful walk this morning with Geoff in the beautiful, hot sun on WestCliff.
I had a good breakfast this morning, not worrying about fasting...doc said it was ok since it was at 7:30am.

So, I've got chicken noodle soup from Doris waiting for me when I get home.
I've got Doris picking me up from the hospital and bringing me home.
I've got Jason being brought home by his teacher after basketball practice.
I've got Aimee enjoyed by Joy and Rebecca after school.
I've got Liz bringing me challah.
I've got Geoff taking me to Dominican at 10:30am to get the dye injected and then he'll take me back home to return at 1 for the surgery prep, Sentinel Node biopsy and Port insertion at 3pm. Doris brings me home around 5pm.
And as I've learned to say from my rabbi, "G-d Willing" all of that will go as planned. And as I've learned from my mom which she learned from her mom (my grandma, may she rest in peace), men plan and G-d laughs.
This week has certainly been one of those experiences.

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