Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't Go Out in Public

So I got my blood count today and even though I'm doing better than last time, I still can't go out in public places. The following are the counts from before this last chemo, and then today - one week later, and how that compares to one week after chemo last time.

White Blood Cell(K/uL)
Standard Range 4.0-11.0 K/uL
before chemo 3.1
after (today) 1.6
last time .9

Standard Range 150-400 K/uL
before chemo 342
after (today) 130
last time 102

Standard Range 2.0-8.0 K/uL
before chemo 1.9
after (today) .9
last time .5

I can tell the difference between last time and this time since I have more energy than last time and I didn't feel like having Geoff drive me to get the blood draw. I drove myself there and to acupuncture afterward.

Still it's kind of a drag because there's a city council meeting I'd love to go to at 3pm today. Oh well. I'll hear what happened without having to be there - though I would have loved to speak and let them know that yet another person from Westlake is fighting cancer - though it may have absolutely nothing to do with the cell phone towers right next door. There is also a huge pole of them that I can see from my home and 3 of us on this block (that I know of) have been or are in the cancer fight. Though the towers down the hill from my home may have absolutely nothing to do with the cancer on this block.

For those of you not in S.C., the city council is considering putting a 1,000 foot buffer between further cell tower placement and elementary schools. Yay!

Can't wait to find out how it goes since I participated in helping this issue get to this point. I'm proud of myself and the other parents I worked with on this! The danger of cell phone radiation is still considered "controversial" and so I am so proud of our county superintendents and now our city council members who are taking the precautionary stance for the sake of children. (Despite a federal law prohibiting them from challenging placement of these towers based on health reasons.) Unfortunately, they are planning to allow those two existing towers next to Westlake and the ones next to all the other schools to remain - it's just new towers that they are considering banning next to schools.

If you were wondering, my computer's wired up to the wall (no wireless internet), my home phones are wired to the wall and my cell phone is off unless I need to use it in an emergency. It's hard to catch me when I'm not home but I get along just fine! Imagine! Jason just got his first cell phone for emergencies at age 14.

So yes, I have been quite fanatical about this issue. Hasn't helped me health-wise obviously! And now that I'm fighting this dreaded disease, I probably glow in the dark from all of the radiation my body's endured from CT scans! But I'm going to live for awhile longer thanks to the treatment I am receiving. Can't control everything!

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