Monday, January 26, 2009

Next Chemo - Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know that I'm still doing fine...though I should probably go back on my vegan diet. Darn. My tummy needs me to go really slow with introducing the old diet back but I really have a hard time eating different food than the rest of my family! We've had some delicious meals from friends but maybe it's all been too much for me: Italian pasta with tomato sauce and cheese and chicken enchiladas! So good! Breads...I even made a challah for Shabbos for the first time in months. But I can tell I've been going a bit too fast in that direction. Oh well, I'm not in the hospital, right? I have to count my blessings. And one of them is that the chemo treatment was so easy last time.

So one more of the A & C and then in 3 weeks I'm on to the T. The T is a 4 hour drip. That's why this time, (my last of the 2 hour drips) seems like a piece of cake, so I haven't asked anyone to visit. Sharol told me she wants to come visit though. So of course, I won't refuse that but won't ask anyone else since I will be saving my favors for the long 4 hour drip next time!

It has been really nice that each time I've sat for my chemo, I've had a friend come and visit me. And when I was in the hospital, my friend Stefanie showed up unexpectedly right in time for my blood transfusion. That was a horrendously scary experience for me and I was going to go through it alone, but Stefanie ended up walking in and made it so much better for me. I was focused on the blood of people I didn't know flooding my body and instead, she helped me focus on all the incredibly kind people who gave their blood for me.

So my friends have been a truly great support to me through this difficult time. Thanks to all of you. And because my chemo has been so easy, I was able to set a time for my parents to visit again. They were here for my very first chemo and the night after they left, I ended up in the hospital, so I've been holding them off for awhile though my dad asks me almost every day to let them know when they can visit again. My dad has been sending me lots of Harry & David gifts and so when I got sent the 3rd turkey on Thanksgiving when we had a huge one cooking in the oven, I came up with another plan for him. I gave him a list of places to get gift cards for me. (Thanks to Stef-it was her idea.) So now I've got some gift cards to New Leaf and Trader Joes! Lucky me. I got Aimee a new thermos (from New Leaf) to take her lunch to school (she hates sandwiches), along with some supplements I needed and organic beans and rice (food I need to be going back to). Thanks Dad!

Next chemo: this Wednesday at 9:30am.

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